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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

DJ Russell Peters Interview

Dainjazone: Is this the kind of set that you put down when you play out?
Russell: This is generally why I don’t play out; nobody knows the s*** that I’m playing. The crowd that likes the music that I like is pretty damn ugly and nobody wants to go to that club.

Dainjazone: The Dime has okay-looking girls...
Russell: It depends on what time of the night and how many beverages you’ve consumed.

Dainjazone: You were at a big party with Prince the other night...
Russell: He invited me over to his place for a private party and performance and it was f***** amazing.

Dainjazone: How did he invite you?
Russell: I was at the NAACP Image Awards and after that was the afterparty. I was also supposed to meet the King of Tonga- these are very strange things that happens in my life. I got two emails at once; the subject of the first email said, “King of Tonga” and it said, “I guess you’ve figured out by now that the meeting with the King of Tonga isn’t happening tonight.” Then, I skipped to the next email and it said, “Prince would like to invite you over to his place for a private party and performance.” Because I read the King of Tonga email first I was like, ‘I guess the King can’t come, but the Prince wants me to come by. That’s going to be kind of corny. Who’s he getting to perform? What do they like in Tonga?’ So, I was like, ‘Yea, alright, cool, whatever...' So my brother picks me up and asks, “Aren’t you excited dude?” I said, “I guess, whatever dude.” He said, “We’re going to Prince’s house!” I said, “ Yea, the Prince of Tonga.” He said, “No! Prince! The Artist!” and I was like, “Holy s***!!!”

So we went to his house and we danced on his indoor pool. Sheila E. performed with them. It was really sick. I got drunker than I have ever been in my life, puked on the way home, puked when I got home... My wife was so mad that I had to sleep in the spare bedroom with my brother. That was kind of awkward.

Dainjazone: You have someone else staying at your house right now.
Russell: Vinnie from Jersey Shore. He was actually going to come here today, but you guys would have scared him.

Dainjazone: How did that relationship come about?
Russell: I was doing a show in New York and Vinnie was on the show too. When I walked in he said, “Hey, man! I’m a really big fan!” I said, “Holy s***! I love your show! You’re actually my favorite character on the show.” I told him if he’s ever in LA holler at me... So he hollered at me.

Dainjazone: So it’s the norm for people to go to your house when they’re in town. You just had Jazzy Jeff and Premier at your house.
Russell: Yea, Premo (Premier) stayed at my house All-Star weekend. So Friday night there were Spinbad, Premier, and Jazzy Jeff at my house all at once. I was showing Jazzy Jeff around my house while Premo was on the turntables and while we’re standing in my closet (pause) Jazzy Jeff says, “Can you believe that you’re showing me around your house while Premier is on the turntables?” I said, “Can you believe that I’m showing you around my house while Premo is serenading us on the turntables?”

Then the next night I had to go to the hospital to see my daughter, but John Favreau and Faizon Love came over and they got on the turntables. So it’s the house where people just get on the turntables. It’s kind of like the My Kids Show (reference to the MikiDz Show).

Dainjazone: Hey! Hey! We don’t just let anybody on this show!
Russell: It’s true... Well, I’ve seen your door [with signatures of every guest DJ who has spun on the show]. Yes you do [room laughs].


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